Friday, July 25, 2008

Grand Master Seikichi Odo, 10th Dan

I was recently informed (thank you) that there was a DVD available from Yamazato Productions featuring Grand Master Seikichi Odo. It is the complete system of Okinawa Kenpo Karate and Kobudo. If you study Okinawa Kenpo this video is a must have. Master Odo demonstrates all the open hand and weapon kata. It includes weapons kumite. The video was filmed in a dojo and outside on the grass. It appears to be taken from a personal video library. My package arrived a few days ago and I could not wait to sit and watch. This video is a gem for anyone practicing Okinawa Kenpo.

I was fortunate to meet Master Odo in 1994. He travelled to the Honbu for a training seminar. What an amazing experience! I was a green belt and a bit overwhelmed. I never had a photo taken with him (kicking self). There was an outside demo that year and Master Odo accompanied the dojo. I remember that I demonstrated a tunfa kata. He told me that I did a good kata and when he left he called me a strong green belt. The next time he was at the Honbu, my husband was starting the dojo. We had a picnic at our house and Master Odo came. Master Odo, Grand Master of Okinawa Kenpo ... in my house! He approved of the house/dojo combination. Master Odo suggested that we train outside behind the dojo. He enjoyed the picnic and even helped at the grill.

I have two sets of Shodan (1996) certificates. One set was issued by my instructor and the Federation President. The second set is signed by Master Seikichi Odo, 10th Dan.

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