Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Martial Arts Blogging – What has it done for you?

A year ago, I barely knew what a blog was. I started my site in order to document my ACL recovery. I was seven months post-op and I was struggling with my recovery. I began reading the ACL stories of other martial artists and found hope and encouragement. I am now sixteen months post-op and the focus of my blog is changing. I want to write about being a student and an instructor of Okinawa Kenpo.

Blogging has made me think differently about karate. I am referring to the way I process information. I learn and teach by doing and seeing the technique. Now, I have an outlet to express my karate thoughts using the written word. It has not been easy and I have much improving to do. Sometimes a topic comes up in class that I want to discuss on my blog. I turn on the computer and ….nothing. I had an easy time during class but I can not put it on paper. It is frustrating but I am working on it.

Blogging has given me the opportunity to interact with people from various martial arts styles and perspectives. Reading the posts and comments of others allowed me to look for similarities and differences among the arts. I have admired training methods, work ethic, enthusiasm and technical knowledge. I have incorporated drills and ideas found on blogs to the dojo. I have shared information with students in the dojo. It provides a connection to others performing similar training from across the globe.

What has martial arts blogging done for you? Has it improved your training? Has it been a positive or negative experience?


camelmd said...

I enjoyed your blog. Tell Mr. & Mrs. Heilman that I said "Hello".

Mark Campbell
Newnan, Ga

Steve said...

For me, martial arts blogging has helped me focus and channel my thoughts. I'm forced to know what I REALLY think, because once it's in writing, and I hit "publish" it's there for the world to see! (I write about other things too and it has helped me focus in those things too!) It's the diary of the 21st century that we don't mind (of sometimes WANT) others reading!

Anonymous said...

For me, blogging has hopefully helped me pass on training and fighting methods which have worked for me and hopefully work for others. Also I agree with Steve, it is the 21st Century diary and a great way to interact with other fellow martial artists.

Colin Wee said...

I've always found it hard when I'm physically exerted to introspect, understand, verbalise and then to teach someone about martial arts. Blogging, and online forums have been an essential process for me to step back, figure out from a bird's eye view what exactly I'm up to, fit it into concepts which I can communicate, and then organise my thoughts.

I really think blogging for me keeps me really honest. If I can't explain it, I shouldn't be teaching it, know what I mean? No one as yet has told me I'm full of bs**** as yet, and I'm grateful for that ... given that I don't hold all the answers.

I've met some really clever individuals out there on the net. I've been inspired and motivated, and am thankful for their friendship and time.

Traditional Taekwondo Blog

Meg said...

I use my blog for a combination of tracking my progress in my training and my weight. I like to write and this is my way of sharing my experiences with my friends and other people who may read it. I can share information with other people which is beneficial. I have "borrowed" ideas from other people also, so that my own teaching/training is better.

Michele said...

Mark: Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am glad that you enjoyed it.

Steve: Focus...you are right. Don't you just love the "publish" button?

Marks: I am a regular reader of your blog. Thanks for sharing your training methods.

Colin: As always...excellent comment. I like how you describe blogging as a process.

Meg: I am still surprised that I started a blog. It was a useful resource for me during my ACL recovery. It is a good way to track progress.

Slop -n- Goulash: Dinner of Champions! said...

I started my blog to give other people who didnt' think they could "do it" encouragement. To show the embarrassing side of starting martial arts (Yes, we'll live through it) and that it can change their lives in a better way and make them a better person for having done it. That being said, I like to talk and it lets me stop talking about MA so much to those around me who just want me to please shut up...: )

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Geeth Nuwan said...

Oh, wonderfull.. I'm also following KARATE (Style: Goju Ruy Asin Kai)but still Yellow belt
(Sri Lanka)