Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tai Chi Update - Grasp Birds Tail

During Tai Chi class last week, the instructor briefly touched on the application to Grasp the Birds Tail. When I arrived home, I entered the door and said, "Hello. Would you mind punching me?" My husband was nice enough to work with me on the technique I learned in class. I worked on this technique throughout the week.

I wanted to see the application again so I browsed You Tube for Tai Chi applications. I found the following video and thought I would share.


Charleyhorse said...

Ooooh! Very nice indeed! It's all there; how to stay rooted and yet mobile, how to read an opponent's body language, how to apply taijichuan style blocks and counters.

I wish that these youtube segments had been available back when I was trying to learn this stuff.

I particularly liked the combination cavity press and arm bar techniques and yes, grasp sparrow's tail techniques.

BobSpar said...

Lol, I love the request, "Would you mind punching me?" So politely expressed!

Classical Tai Chi of Buffalo said...

Lot's of fa jin there...

On the lighter side you might like reading "How to grasp the bird's tail if you don't speak Chinese" by Jane Schorre.

For more fa jin, please take a look at "Tao of Martial Applications" at

Michele said...

Charleyhorse: Thanks for commenting! I am glad you enjoyed the clip. If you get a chance...the videos that Jim from Classical Tai Chi of Buffalo suggested are an excellent resource.

Bob: Well...I try. :)

Jim: Thank you for the video references and book suggestion. I have your channel bookmarked in my favorites. :)