Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Long Time - No Post

Wow....it has been a while since I posted. First, I had a computer problem which turned out to be a burned out CPU fan. The other reason for my lack of posting is the long hours I am spending at work. I work for a company that manufactures Christmas Tree lot items. Ninety percent of our sales for the year happen in the month of November.

So what has been going on....


My daughter and I went to see a Miley Cyrus concert in Philadelphia.

My daughter finished her soccer season. It was a miserable season. More on this topic later.

....and more work. Even though I am exhausted, I am very glad I have a job.

Next week, we are going to NYC for the day. We are going to visit the Statue of Liberty. Even though we booked our trip months ago....we only have tickets for the pedestal museum. I wonder how far in advance we need to book in order to go inside the statue?

Karate practice has been going very well. We are working on kata, bunkai and sparring in the dojo. Sparring is the only activity that makes me worry about my knee. I find this weird because it is not how I hurt my knee.

I have not been to Tai Chi class for several weeks. :(

Thank you to all the readers and to those who leave comments on this blog.

Thanks again,


Felicia said...

Glad you are taking time to smell the roses with your daughter. Don't work yourself into a coma!

Just realized we aren't that far away from each other (I'm an hour north of NYC and went to college in Philly). We must do lunch or something sometime :-)

Father said...

How about joining your siblings on Thanksgiving morning for a two hour spin class?

Rick Matz said...

When you miss a tai chi class (or several), look at it as an opportunity to solidify what you've already learned.

Michele said...

Hi Felicia, Thank you for commenting. Lunch would be fun! I am an hour east of Philly and three from NYC...not so far. :) Only a few more days of this crazy work schedule.

Father: Perhaps 7:00....

Hi Rick...good idea!