Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Survey: Karate Uniforms

I am shopping for a new gi. It has been a while since I purchased a new uniform so I was wondering if you could help me out and tell me....

What is your favorite?


Sue C said...

Hi Michele, my preferred gi is made by Arawaza which I believe is Canadian. Mine is the 'coral' type which is a medium weight cotton gi. I find that the cotton gi's, though heavier to wear, don't make me sweat as much as poly-cotton ones. I also prefer the shorter sleeves and leg length (Japanese cut).

Michele said...

Thanks for the recommendation Sue. I checked out the company website. I like how there are various styles. I prefer the longer leg and arm length. Thanks again!

Felicia said...

Hi, Michele,

Like you, I like the longer leg and arm lengths (except in the summer when I don a lighter Japanese cut gi Sue mentioned). I like ProForce and Swift/MTI with drawstring waist. Not sure about which weight you prefer, but I like middleweight cotton (8 oz) although I'm now shopping for something a little heavier (10 oz).

Here's a link to Proforce's uniforms:|35

but I found the middleweight gi for a little less here:

Here's an MTI/Winner's Zone 12 oz gi:

Have fun shopping :-)

Michele said...

Thanks Felicia!

My current gi are 12oz...I think? My favorite gi is a Shureido but it is out of my budget right now. I still have one from 1996!

Now that you mention ProForce, I think my husband has one. I should "borrow" it for a few classes. :)

Thanks for the links!