Sunday, July 25, 2010

Congratulations! and Thank You!


Two students from our dojo, Fritz and Austin, were promoted to 1st Dan in Okinawa Kenpo Karate and 1st Dan Kobudo on July 10, 2010. They worked hard and did a great job at testing.

My husband was promoted to 6th Dan Karate, 6th Dan Kobudo. This was a difficult test for Tom due to chronic injuries and back pain.

I would also like to extend congratulations to fellow martial arts bloggers on their recent promotions.

Sandman was awarded his Black Belt this weekend.
SueC is now 1st Kyu Sue!
Frank was promoted to Orange Belt.

Thank You!

I would like to thank the Physical Therapy Assistant Schools blog for including my site in their list of 50 Best Karate Bloggers You Can Learn From. My blog was included in the teacher blog category.

I consider myself an accidental blogger. I was at the computer reading BobSpar's blog and I clicked on the button 'create blog'. Initially, I felt uncomfortable having information on the Internet that anyone could read. The first person I told about my blog was my sister. She told me not to worry about blogging because no one is going to read it.

Thank you to all the people who have read posts, commented, subscribed or became a follower of this blog!


sandman said...

Cool! Thanks for the shout out Michelle :-) And a hearty congratulations to your husband and the others!

sandman said...

Oh! And nice job to you, getting your blog mentioned on the "Best blogs you can learn from" list. That is a great achievement, and truly well deserved!

Michele said...

Sandman: Your welcome! Check out the list..your blog is on it too! Congrats to you as well.

Meg said...

Many congratulations to all who earned their ranks! To undergo that sort of testing and to be promoted, speaks volumes about their dedication.

And, I see you're in there too as a "Best Blog", so mondo congrats to you too!!

Frank said...
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Frank said...

Thank you, Michele!! Congrats to the others who have received new belts and promotions, too! :-))))

Sue C said...

Thank you Michele. I looked at the 50 top karate bloggers list and realised that half of my blog roll was included - clearly I'm following some 1st class blogs - yours included. Your blog an accident? Serendipity, I say - keep blogging!

Felicia said...

Nope, thank YOU, Michele, for writing. Congrats to you for your awards and to your hubby, Sandman, Frank and Sue for their promotions :-)

BBat50 said...

I like your sister's attitude which I think of this way: Do what you want, other people are paying less attention and care less than you think.

I find it very liberating. Hence my blog.

Michele said...

Thanks Sue and Felicia!

BBat50: Thank you for commenting! I believe that is exactly what my sister meant by her comment. She worked for a newspaper at the time in the Internet Services department. She had a different perspective and a better understanding than I did. Very liberating...