Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happiness Is.... (Karate Version)

Happiness is selecting new karate weapons.

Happiness is having an instant cold pack in your gear bag and not having to use it.

Happiness is an enthusiastic white belt student.

Happiness is a dedicated black belt student.

Happiness is watching students from the dojo test for shodan.

Happiness is great training partners...past and present.

Happiness is seeing people from my karate past.

Happiness is attending weddings and graduations of former "karate kids".

Happiness is making connections...the "ah ha" moments.

Happiness is karate road trips.

Happiness is a voice mail message from my tai chi instructor telling me the class wants to visit the dojo.


Felicia said...


Rick Matz said...

Happiness is driving my enemies before me and hearing the the lamentation of their women.

Sue C said...

Karate Happiness is:
Passing a grading
Getting a new technique to work
Perfecting a difficult kick
Putting on a crisp clean white gi
Communicating through blogging
Meeting new people at seminars
Attending seminars with eminent teachers
Being inspired by others....

I could go on! Let's just say happiness IS karate!