Sunday, February 20, 2011

Two More Blocks

We headed to Philly this weekend for a scavenger hunt at the Reading Terminal Market. We had two hours to answer 17 questions, eat at 6 different vendors and return to the starting point. There were 13 groups and we finished a respectable 3rd place. At each vendor, we had to take a photograph of the group eating something from the stand (chai, soft pretzel, egg sandwich, fudge, corn bread and an orange).

After the hunt, I took my daughter to see the Liberty Bell. My sister and her husband waited outside for us. We walked through Old City and eventually arrived at Penn's Landing. It was cold and the wind was gusting up to 35 mph. Our next stop was South Street. At this point, we had been walking for 4 hours. It was time to head back and it was at least 35 blocks to our scheduled restaurant. My sister Kim would open her map and tell us it was only two more blocks.

Five blocks later she would repeat...two more blocks.

My daughter would ask "How much farther?'" every few minutes.

It reminded me of this....


sandman said...

Ha ha! That was a smurfy one Michelle :-D

Michele said...

Thanks Sandman! :)