Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Dojo Door

New students begin their journey.
They come to class each week.
Students learn, question, drill, improve and enjoy.
They become part of the dojo community.
Parents sit and watch their children.
They too become part of the dojo community.
Instructors share and encourage.
Students continue to improve.
Instructors see the potential.


Students take a break from training.

Sometimes they return...often they do not.

I understand how difficult schedules can be. I struggle with my, family, dojo, house, tai chi, part time job and my daughter's softball, soccer, choir, Girl Scouts, living Stations and Play. Despite being able to is still hard to hear.

How do I respond?

The dojo door is always open. We look forward to your return.


Journeyman said...

It takes a special mindset to be a good teacher. You must care deeply for your students but not be hurt or annoyed if they leave, sometimes never to be heard from again.

Then again, sometimes a decade later, they return. The impact you had on them may be more significant than you realized. So you go on, being the best teacher you can be.

Michele said...

Journeyman: Thank you for insightful comment. I have to believe that the time people spend in the dojo will stay with them when they leave.

A former student stopped by the dojo a few weeks ago. She trained when she was in high school. She is planning to return in June once she finishes her Master's degree. :)