Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sandwich Night

Sandwich Night is our dojo name for karate training and dinner.  We try to have a Sandwich Night once a month.  It started with a teenage black belt's band fundraiser.  He asked the group if we wanted to buy a hoagie to support the high school band. Everyone bought a sandwich. The sandwich delivery coincided with our black belt class. 

Sandwich Night was born.  We use this time to explore topics of interest.  The sessions vary from kata/bunkai, knife throwing, improvised weapons, book reviews and video reviews.  Tonight, we will be discussing attacks.  The session was prompted by Journeyman's post Mind the Gap - Part III - Learn to Attack.

He suggests the following:

It's important to research realistic attacks.  The internet can be a good source of information, just try to make sure that information you get are from a reputable sources.  Read the news.  Consider seeking out people who are exposed to real violence, most likely through profession, who offer seminars or courses on personal protection.  Basically, find out what you actually might face, and practice responding, or defending, from that.

Should be a good night of training...
...and dinner.  :)

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