Monday, June 4, 2012

More and Less

Over the last few months, I have been training more and writing less. 

A few thoughts...

1.  Pay close attention.  Some of the best tips / connections are the brief comments made by instructors.  You need to be ready to listen and apply the concepts.

2.  Open your mind and receive information.

3.  Be grateful for correction.

4.  Accept the help and support of others.

5.  Take a deep breath when you are feeling overwhelmed.

6.  Identify and highlight your strengths.

7.  Identify and minimize your weaknesses.

8.  Persist.

9.  Enjoy!


Rick said...

10. Practice! It's not enough to understand something intellectually, you have to understand it viscerally; in your body.

Michele said...

Absolutely! I have been practicing...a lot. :)

jc said...

i like the part about taking a deep breath... i've needed quite a few of these lately!

SueC said...

I love the way you so succinctly get to the point with everything you write Michele. Great advice here, without the waffle!

Journeyman said...

Well put.

Michele said...

Thank you for your comments!

I need to maintain my current training schedule for just a few more weeks...27 kobudo kata (8 weapons), 19 open hand, open hand bunkai and weapon bunkai.

My head is spinning...