Friday, April 10, 2009

Review: Please Stop Laughing at Me

In previous posts, I discuss the impact of bullying on my nine year old daughter. You can read my Message to mean girls and When is enough...enough?. Over a year ago, I wrote how my daughter was Wiser Than Her Years.

Romilly commented on one of the posts and recommended a book by Jodee Blanco. The book is called Please Stop Laughing at Me. I followed the link to her website and spent at least 45 minutes on her site. The section that grabbed my attention was the Survival Tips For Parents. Jodee answers the question:

Is there a typical profile of a bullied child?

Yes, it is the child best described as “an old soul trapped in a young body.” This is the child who is sensitive and compassionate beyond his/her years, and usually more comfortable in the company of adults than other kids. In most cases, the harder they try to fit in at school, the more they’re singled out for abuse.

I read Jodee's answer and I felt a lump in my throat. I have often commented that my daughter is an "old soul". I bought the book at lunch and finished it before the end of the day.

I was horrified by the abuse that Jodee Blanco experienced during her school days. She was tormented from the fifth grade through high school. The abuse was verbal and physical. I was surprised at the responses by health professionals and school administrations. As I read, I found similarities between my daughter and Jodee, sensitive, only child, compassionate, loves animals, treats others with kindness and respect, creative and stands up for what she believes. I am sure there are thousands of other parents reading this book only to find their child amongst the pages.

Everyone should read this book...parents, educators and health care professionals. Ultimately, it is a story of hope and strength...Jodee Blanco survived the bullying. Jodee Blanco has written a follow up book Please Stop Laughing at Us that documents her quest to prevent school bullying.


Bob M said...

Hi, Michele,

Thanks for passing along that book--it's good to have a message of hope for victims of bullying.

And please come take a look at my site--I've given you a blogging award!


Romilly said...

I'm glad it was useful. I wasn't bullied to the extent that Jodee Blanco was, but when you mentioned your daughter's predicament, it rang a bell with me. I don't like hearing about anyone going through what I did. That book really struck a chord with me when I picked it up.

Michele said...

Bob: Thanks again for the Award. I just passed it on to Martial Arts Mom.

Romilly: I really appreciated the book recommendation. Thanks again.