Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Pot Holder Story

Do you remember making pot holders as a kid? The pot holders are made from loops of fabric intertwined on a plastic loom. I made pot holders when I was little and my daughter is making them now.

When she first got the loom and the fabric loops, she had trouble weaving the loops. She would weave one loop through and three others would slip off the loom. She was frustrated and it took her a long time to make her first pot holder. The odd shaped woven fabric only slightly resembled a pot holder.

She spent most of her free time making pot holders. Each completed pot holder looked better than the one before. She showed me a beautiful blue and white pot holder and I told her that it looked very professional. She beamed and asked "Did you ever think that I would be able to make pot holders this good?" I said "Of course...I have seen how much you have practiced."

She has a list of family members waiting for pot holders. She succeeded through practice, patience and perseverance.
Pot holders photographed with permission. :)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful blue one. I would like a blue one like that.

Anonymous said...

yes, the great 3 "P":practice,patience and perseverance!

Michele said...

Thank you for your comments!