Friday, March 25, 2011

Returning To Karate Training After A Long Break

It has been years since you were inside a dojo. Your gear is packed in a gym bag stored in the attic. Your karate uniform is long gone. Your bo is propped up in a corner of the garage. Every once in a while you reminisce about the time you spent training. You stopped practicing karate for various reasons....moved away, college, married, kids, sports, employment. You want to return and your mind is filled with "What if's".

What if I don't remember anything?
What if it is harder now that I am a older?
What if people are there who I trained with before and now they outrank me?
What if I have to start at white belt again?

After a few weeks of pondering the "What if's", you make the decision to train again.

Here are a few of my recommendations when you return to karate training after a long break.

Welcome back!
Contact your instructor and inform him/her of your wish to return.
Discuss your concerns and ask questions.
Your instructor should inform you of the protocol.
Dust off your gear and inventory.
Determine what you will need for class.
Attend as many classes as your schedule and the dojo allows.
You may want to start off with a few private lessons for a jump start on your return.
Don't be so hard on yourself. It takes a few months to remember what you learned in the past.
Find a training partner who will work with you before or after regular class.

As with all physical activity, you may want to check with your doctor before your return.

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