Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Are You Through?

I was given a calender with daily quotes for my desk at work.  Most days I forget about the calendar propped up in the corner of the table.  I usually have to tear off several pages to get to the current date.   The following quote caught my eye:

When you are through trying to improve, you are through. - Vince Lombardi

It is true with my karate practice.  Each time I walk in the dojo, teach a class or read an article, my goal is to improve. 

I am not through!


SenseiMattKlein said...

Hi Michele. Like you I have a planner. A Dayrunner. I know, old school. Just find it easier writing with a pen than fiddling with the buttons on the phone or ipad.

I end up pulling out many weeks at a time as I forget about it. It reminds me how fast time is passing and creates a sense of urgency about what needs to be done.

Like you, I am always trying to challenge myself to be better. Love the Lombardi quote.

Michele said...

Sensei Klein: Thanks for commenting! How are you? The last time I looked at my calendar it was on July 25th. :) I can't believe I only posted once so far in September.

Time flies....