Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Listen...to your body.

In mid December, my sister Kim had surgery on her foot to correct a Haglund's Deformity and Plantar Fasciitis.  After the surgery, she had a list of instructions such as no weight bearing (crutches) and elevation for four weeks.  Kim wore a surgical boot for six weeks. 

My sister is not the type of person who is content being at home.  She is on the go....all the time.   Two weeks into her recovery, she asked me to take her to a jewelry making class a few towns away.   Kim assured me it was O.K. with her doctor because she was able to elevate her foot during the class.  On the ride to the bead shop, she told me her calf was sore for about two days and was not getting any better.

My sister was convinced she had a blood clot. 

The ultrasound test in the ER the next morning confirmed her suspicion.  The ER doctor kept her for observation because if the blood clot would shift it would travel to her lung.  The blood clot was in her ankle and was a result of the surgery.  The doctor said her blood clot was diagnosed early.  Kim returned home after an overnight stay in the hospital, blood tests, injections and a regime of cumadin

I am glad my sister was listening....


Hachiro Akiyama said...

Aah, my Friend you have actually spoken about a very important topic of Martial Arts..... "Listening to your OWN BODY".
In Martial Arts, we do not go beyond our limits, instead we push our limits a level further every time we train. And if at any point we do not listen to our own body, you have to pay the price then.
Reminds me of my incident, when I was young as used to train like Hercules. Once I was in a very pumped mood, so after doing a very long and hard session of endurance training instead of giving my body the much needed rest, i started with the weight training with heavy weights. The result, was not able to move a muscle without a grave pang for 3 days and it took me complete 10 days to finally get back to training. Since that day, I have always kept a check on what and how much exercise should be done and to take equivalent rests after every session to give the body adequate time to regain its strength.

I know this is nothing as serious as compared to your Sister's problem, but then it is a word of caution for all the people into any form of fighting styles to always listen to your body and stop when it asks you to stop. Because when you dont listen to your own body, instead of gaining strength, you eventually will start getting weaker.

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