Sunday, November 17, 2013

I Have A Blog?

Yes...yes I do.

Sometimes I forget.

Just a quick note to say "Hello!" to all the readers who still stumble upon this blog from time to time.  There is not much...ok I mean report on karate.  This is my first prolonged absence from the dojo and training.  I miss my instructors.  I miss my friends. I miss my fellow karate blog friends. I miss training.

During the summer, I was at the IKKF Annual Training event.  I was hoping the event would catapult me back in to training.  I spoke to Hanshi Hayes during a break in the sessions.  I mentioned my lapse in training and he told me not to worry because "it was about the long term commitment".

So here I am....focusing on the the long term commitment.

I will be back.


Charles Indelicato said...

I know the feeling; I hope to revive my long term commitment as well.

Rick Matz said...

Martial arts training is like gravity. Once it gets hold of you, you think that you might escape it, but it always pulls you back. said...

I have been training for about 20 years, this happens to everyone at least once. Some take a couple days, others take much more time to feel the absents of the art. Every couple months I take a few extra days to just recuperate and when I step back on the mats, I feel like a kid again. All the love comes rushing back into me. Give it time, the love is there.

Hachiro Akiyama said...

Considering Injuries that people talk about while Training in martial arts, i feel it should practiced under care and with caution. You are going to improve anyway if you continue training with dedication and pushing yourself a a little further every time instead of going hardcore and then facing injuries and leaving it all up for a month to some years, to forever.
Training is more important than competing. So you should train for perfection and not for beating others to pulp, because that is not the goal of martial arts, or of ninjutsu at least, which I have been training in from several year. Push your body but not all at once and slowly and give it appropriate rest to recover as well. Listen to your body, while training. It is of utmost importance.