Friday, December 28, 2007

Sparring With A New ACL

I finally did it. It was time to put the sparring gear on again. I must confess that I would rather practice kata, kobudo or bunkai than spar. I usually spar with my left foot forward and this was ok. When I changed to right foot forward (new ACL) it felt terrible. I used to enjoy kicking but I was cautious and only threw a few. The techniques, stances and combinations that I relied on in the past did not work so well. At the end of class I decided to use this as an opportunity to expand/explore the way I fight. I am going to have to make modifications in my fighting style to accommodate for my new ACL. I am sure that as I regain the confidence and strength in my knee the old techniques will still work. Hopefully I will have some new combinations to add in few months!

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BobSpar said...


I'm very interested to hear what new combinations you come up with for sparring, and how your fighting style changes or returns to your old way of doing things. I look forward to your posts about your new combinations.