Wednesday, February 20, 2008

February Blues

It has been a very tough February and it is not over yet. Everything seems difficult. The weather has been cold and windy. Every member of the family had some sort of cold. Work has been very slow. I work for a company that distributes Halloween and Christmas merchandise. We are exceptionally busy from July to December and exceptionally slow from January to June. We just finished our Halloween catalog. Not many people think about Halloween in February. I was focused on hanging ghouls, pumpkin carvers and scarecrows instead of Valentines Day. By the time October arrives, Halloween seems over for me.

The bright side is that we are going to Washington DC for a few days. I have never been there and am looking forward to visiting. I want to see the National Air and Space Museum and the National Mall. My daughter wants to visit the Library of Congress. We were fortunate enough to schedule a White House tour. I did not realize that tours needed to be scheduled months in advance. Reservations are required and you must submit your name, birth date and SS number.

It has now been nine months since my ACL reconstruction. My knee feels very close to normal for daily activities. I am going to continue to use the soft ACL brace during karate classes. I wore it tonight and we worked on kata, bo, kicks and combinations. I can even kneel better with this brace. Kyu rank testing is next month and I had the students demonstrate their testing kata. I then asked them each to review their own kata. Unfortunately, my daughter wanted my attention and was misbehaving during the second class. It is hard to be a karate instructor and a mom at the same time.

I am going to go watch the lunar eclipse.

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