Thursday, February 21, 2008

Point Sparring

It was sparring night at the dojo and I must say that I enjoyed it very much. We started out working on hand techniques. Many of us found it difficult to only use our hands . We really, really wanted to kick. It allowed us to work on our distancing. After a few rounds we added kicking techniques. We ended the night with point sparring.

My knee held up great. I used the soft ACL brace and was able to move better. I prefer to spar left foot forward and at a 45 degree angle. I noticed that I still do not kick that much. If I am using right leg as the support leg, I know that I would easily be knocked off balance. If I kick with my right leg, I worry that it will be hit. There was one moment when my knee cracked but everything was fine.


Steve said...

It's very nice to read your posts on what you're up to, and compare it to my class - my gold belt test is tomorrow (white, yellow, gold, etc.)!

MARKS said...

Its good to see that youre knee has held up. Its hard to fight in the stance that youre not used to, but it is worth practising it so you at least feel comfortable using it should it arise during sparring.

Great blog by the way. Would you like to exchange links?

Michele said...

Good luck on your belt testing!

Thanks for the comment. I have included a link to your site.

BobSpar said...

I'm glad you enjoyed sparring, that must be a boost. And I hope you enjoy/enjoyed Washington, DC. I grew up near there, and it's fun to visit.

Michele said...

Washington DC is a beautiful city. I enjoyed the museums. The view from the Lincoln Memorial is breathtaking!