Monday, March 31, 2008

The Knee Report

I had a telephone conference today with my PT. We discussed my concerns regarding my leg strength. I answered several questions about what I am capable of doing with my new ACL. She asked me how my new ACL is functioning. I told her that my knee is doing great during my daily activities. I mentioned a few karate specific functions that need work and my concerns about the leg press. She suggested some additional exercises and told me to keep up with the weights. I am going to work hard during the month of April and follow up with her at the end of the month. We determined that it was the higher level or karate specific activities that I needed to work on. It was a very reassuring conversation.

Right after surgery I was driven. I went to PT 2 or 3 times a week and did daily exercises twice a day. The progress was measurable. I had a protractor that I used to measure my ROM after each session. When the insurance company released me from PT, I worked hard on my own. I had a follow –up visit at the PT at 12 weeks and things were great. I know that for two months I was sidelined due to my work schedule. I work in a seasonal business and I was working all the time. I continued to rehab at home but not with as much vigor. Progress was more difficult to measure at this time. At the end of December, I was able to focus on my knee and that is when I started this blog. I have been working hard but now I wonder if I could have done better. The more “normal” my knee became… the less emphasis I placed on the rehab. I do not mean that I stopped working on my recovery. I consistently did exercises for my knee. I think that I should have taken my rehab to another level. The problem was that I did not know how. The leg press machine was an eye opener for me and the results are measurable.

I have work to do but I feel confident that I will meet my goal by the end of April.

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