Friday, April 4, 2008

In The Kitchen with Bob … Sort of

I spent last Sunday at QVC Studios. My family (mom, sister, and daughter) had tickets for In the Kitchen with Bob. When we arrived, we were told that Bob was on vacation and Rick was going to host the show. The QVC complex is impressive and the staff was excellent. As we entered the studio, we were handed a fork and spoon and were told that the audience was being fed today. My daughter was hoping that there would be audience participation during the live broadcast. Before the show, the host announced that they were planning some audience trivia. My daughter raised her hand when they asked for volunteers. Unfortunately, there was an age requirement of 18 years old. She was disappointed because out of all of us, she is the one who watches QVC.

I have never been at a live TV broadcast. The stage was set up with several products and guests. After each presentation, there was a set change and more products were brought out. During this show, the audience was being served their meal. We had several courses presented to us in large soufflé cups. We ate pasta salad, rice, mashed potatoes, meat loaf and chocolate peanut butter cake. The chocolate peanut butter cake was wonderful. QVC sold out of their gourmet peanut butter during the show. It cost $25.00 for four 16-ounce jars. I tried to buy one jar of chocolate chip cookie dough peanut butter ($7.35 for one jar) in the QVC store but they were sold out too.

At the end of the show, a stage manager came over to where we were sitting. He had a black gift bag in his and handed it to my daughter. He told her that it was one of the trivia prizes and she was getting it for being the prettiest girl in the audience. She was thrilled!

I think that next month we will try to get tickets to see Paula Deen!
My sister just sent me this link. I do not think I could survive a bacon, doughnut egg burger.

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