Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Thirty Days Until Forty

I am fast approaching my fortieth birthday. This article states "a fortieth birthday is the commencement of middle age". There are also some interesting suggestions on how to celebrate. Each birthday morning, my mom calls me and asks "Does it feel like your birthday?" When she calls me this year, I wonder if I will feel any different.

I used to work for an organization dedicated to preserving Pennsylvania German history. To be considered a PA German, your ancestors came to America from a German speaking land from 1638 until the late 1700's. The visitors to the headquarters were mainly interested in genealogical research. Many of the visitors were over the age of 70. I know this because I would estimate 8 out of 10 visitors would tell me their name and age. The ages ranged from 70 to 90. They would tell wonderful stories. I enjoyed listening to their tales and learned much. They were proud of their age.

How do you/did you feel about turning 40?


Perpetual Beginner said...

I turn 40 in about seven more months. I'm pretty blase about it, being the youngest in my family by a good margin. I always tell people I get shocked by how old my brothers are, not by how old I am.

My major goal for forty is be ready for my black belt test sometime near my 40th birthday. I can't control when my sensei will schedule it (he's notorious for being a slow promoter), but I can be ready for it regardless. I have a good deal to learn to be ready - 2 more empty hand katas, one to the point where I can do it while being whacked on, two weapons katas, and a series of self-defense sequences. Plus upgrading all my existing katas to black-belt standards!

Nonblond said...

I'll be 38 next month, so 40 is not that far off for me. I feel like 40 is the new 30. I'm ready to embrace it. My sister and I have a vacation planned in 2010 (when she turns 50 and I turn 40) so we can celebrate. I do think age is what you make it out to be whether it be positive or negative. Congrats on approaching the big 40--enjoy it!

BlackBeltBlues said...

When I was a kid I remember trying to imagine the year 2000, when I turned 36. It seemed so old.

It's been nowhere like that. So far, each decade has gotten better. I am starting to notice some wear and tear. But, honestly, I feel healthier and more athletic than 10 or even 20 years ago. Partly that's the return to martial arts. Mostly, though it's because, for me, being older has meant being much less of "spaz" :-)

Michele said...

PB: Black belt testing...that would be a great way to celebrate turning forty.

Nonblond: I agree that age is what you make of it. The last few years have been tough but I am ready to celebrate this birthday milestone. My brother is turning fifty two months after I hit forty.

BBblues: I remember a time when I felt that forty sounded so old. Not anymore! :-) I feel healthier and stronger than before my ACL injury.

BobSpar said...

Life begins at 40, Michele! I was in my 40s when I took up martial arts and rediscovered music. I wonder what your 40s will bring?

Michele said...

Bob: That is good to hear!