Thursday, November 27, 2008

NYC In November

Last Saturday we went on a bus trip to NYC. It was cold (24 degrees) and windy(30 mph gusts). Our past trips have included trips to the Natural History Museum, the Statue of Liberty, or a show. This year we decided to go on the NYC Ducks tour. It was a half-boat and half-bus site seeing tour. Despite the cold, the view of Manhattan from the Hudson river was fabulous. The tour guide really knew her NYC history and provided an enjoyable commentary. She took this picture of us on the boat.Do you notice that there are no other passengers on the boat? We are modeling the colorful beak complete with duck sound capabilities given to each person on the tour. Did I mention it was cold?

When we first got off the bus my nine year old daughter was concerned that she looked like a tourist. She wanted to look like a New Yorker. We told her that she looked like more a native than we did as we were unfolding our city and subway maps. Our venture on the subway this year was far better than last year. During our last trip, we got on the wrong subway multiple times. We kept having to get off the train and go across the platform because we were heading in the wrong direction. At one point we really made a mistake and got on an Express train. We ended up miles from where we wanted in Harlem. We got off the train and waited for the next one back into the city. We had just come from a restaurant and my daughter was holding a balloon. All of a sudden the balloon popped. Can you imagine what a popping balloon sounded like in a subway? Let's just say that a few people ducked.

We visited a few shops in Greenwich Village and headed back towards Times Square. We were walking an all of a sudden my daughter starts talking "Oh my! It is even better in person." We start looking around to see what she was talking about. She points to a building marked "Parsons". We were in the Garment District and walked by the building that holds the Fashion department for Parsons The New School for Design. She then informed us that it was the location of Project Runway.

In ten years, I can see my daughter heading off to NYC. She want to be a chef, an actor, designer and own a zoo.


Steve said...

I need to go with my family to NYC sometime soon! The cold weather I don't miss though! (I'm from Ohio)

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