Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Trees And Toys

I work for a company that distributes Halloween and Christmas merchandise. Christmas season is almost over. There are only two more weeks before Thanksgiving and all of our product needs to ship. I have been working crazy hours and spending less time at the dojo. My family knows that I make no plans during the month of November. The company sells tree stands, wreath making supplies, tree drilling machines, bows, ribbon, balers, twine and netting.

I speak with tree growers and lot owners on a daily basis. They place their order and inevitably talk about the economy. They ask about the volume of sales and wonder how their season will be. Last Saturday a tree grower came into the office to pick up her order. She was discussing how the economy has hit her community. She mentioned the high rate of foreclosures in her town. The tree growers are a tight knit group and she shared a recent discussion. She said "trees and toys". She further elaborated that people will buy only what they need to keep their families happy. Toys for the children and trees for family tradition.

I agree with her.

When I was a child we would go to a tree farm to choose our tree on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. The farm is beautiful and was established in 1901. We would grab a saw and head off to find a tree. The process was a long one because we would always find the perfect tree at the furthest corner of the farm. After long discussions and a vote, we would cut it down and drag it back. I was married in late November and I always joke that buying a tree from this particular tree farm was included in our marriage vows.

Currently, the tree decorating process in my household happens over a few days. The tree has to settle in the stand for a day. My husbands job is to cut down the tree and set up the tree in the stand. My daughter and I decorate the tree while Christmas music plays in the background. Each ornaments tells a story about places we visited, family members and special occasions. We take our time unpacking the ornaments and place them at just the right spot on the tree. We talk and laugh at the memories each one brings.

It is one of my favorite traditions. It is going to be a year of "Trees and Toys".

Do you have a favorite Holiday Tradition?


Steve said...

My families traditions have changed through the years as the kids have grown older. I grew up with an articial tree almost every year, so I appreciate the live ones. The smell of evergreen lasts for at least a week and that makes me happy! ;o)

Anonymous said...

baahumbug let the trees alone!

Michele said...

I cannot believe I neglected to mention the wonderful evergreen smell. Only a few weeks until tree buying time!