Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Knee Adventure

It has been 21 months since my ACL reconstruction. I have returned to all my previous activities, joined a gym and started Tai Chi classes. On Sunday, I will be embarking on my first knee adventure. My brother called me last week and asked if I wanted to be his racquetball partner. He played years ago and wants to play again. I immediately said yes.

A few days later, the reality of what I agreed to sank in. What about my knee? How will it hold up? I kept thinking about the cutting motion and the quick directional changes. What was I thinking? I sent my brother a worried email about knee injuries and racquetball. His response was "It is up to you". Since I reserved a court for 11:00, I guess I am playing. I just might have to bring my knee brace out of retirement.

On another topic...I have been tagged by Perpetual Beginner to post the 6th picture from the 6th folder on my computer and tell the tale. Here it is:

This fish has been in our tank since we got it from my Uncle three years ago. This fish was in the tank when he got it from someone else. It has to be at least eight years old. It is a silver dollar fish and it has a mean disposition. We think it ate all the other fish in the tank.

It is now a lonely fish.


Perpetual Beginner said...

You have no idea how appropriate that photo is right now. We just got over a 30-hour power outage - the one casualty was the eldest silver-dollar fish in my son's tank.

Silver dollars are related to pirhanas, but they're supposed to be vegetarian. I haven't noticed much by way of vegetarian tendancies in ours.

Michele said...

Thirty hours is a long time without power. Sorry to hear about your son's fish.

I did not know that silver dollar fish are related to pirhanas. It explains so much!

Perpetual Beginner said...

It does, doesn't it?

Fortunately, Aaron isn't too upset by the loss of the silver dollar. He's been keeping fish for about two years, and he understands by now that sometimes there's not much you can do.

Out of three tanks (30 gal,75 gal, and 90 gal), being maintained with water changes for oxygenation, we only lost the one fish, so we're pretty happy about that.

Anonymous said...

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