Monday, January 19, 2009

Making Changes - A Healthier 2009

I am not a big believer in New Years resolutions. But this year, I decided to make some changes in my diet. My sister "K" is a role model for good nutrition. She eats the recommended daily servings of all the food groups. K tries to eat superfoods and experiments with different recipes. In her kitchen is a bookshelf packed with cookbooks, magazines and recipe cards. Unfortunately, the experiments are not always successful. I was invited to stay for dinner and was served white meat loaf. I have no idea what was in the white meat loaf. I do remember that it tasted awful and looked even worse. I learned a valuable lesson. When invited for dinner at K's house, it is important to ask "What's for dinner?".

After a discussion with K, I have made the following changes:

I eat salad for lunch instead of a quick meal or sandwich. I was making the wrong choices due to limited time for lunch.

I know that I eat when I am stressed. Now, when I am feeling stressed, I avoid the temptation to snack.

Ten o'clock at night is tough for me. It is the time of day when I finally get to sit down, relax and want to have a snack. It was an unhealthy habit that I had to break.

I have a weakness for Hershey's chocolate. But this one may have to wait until 2010! :)


K said...

Just to let you know... it was 99% turkey meatloaf seasoned with oatmeal and herbs and spices. Very tasty.

Hack Shaft said...

I've resolved to step up my push-ups and sit-ups. I'm up to 25 currently, adding one more each day.

I won't worry much about weight until my knee's healthy enough for more aerobic workouts!

Michele said...

K: was awful.

Hack Shaft: I tried the 100 Push-up Program but had to stop because my shoulder kept popping.

Anonymous said...

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