Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It's About the Training

I have been in a weird place with my karate practice. I have trained less...instructed less...blogged less. My time in the dojo was limited due to my daughters schedule, family responsibilities and an adjusted teaching schedule.

Is this the natural ebb and flow of practice? It is easy to give in to "less" and fill the time with other things. I adjusted my perspective. I was on my way to class and I did not feel like going. My mind struggled with the knowledge that I should go to class but did not want to. I took a deep breath and thought about why I should go.

"It's about the training."

These were the words that popped into my head as I made my way to class. It was a great class. The last two weeks have been excellent. I have been teaching my regular classes and spending time practicing Tsuken Akachono Eiku Bo. I think for a few weeks I lost the joy of training and practice.

The joy is back!


Steve said...

Welcome back. Like all things in life, training ebbs and flows.

Hack Shaft said...

I love summer, but hate how it's interfering with my training this year!

I am, however, rearranging my schedule to participate in a special class tomorrow.

Slop -n- Goulash: Dinner of Champions! said...

Michele, boy I sure can identify except my sidetracked sabatical from class has lasted almost 7 months. (You know the story -no need to rehash) but I am going back when our new session starts on Aug. 27th. And I'm looking forward to it, too. I go every week for my son's class but just haven't participated much in the past months. My sensei (and everyone else in class too) understands and supports me in my situation. I love those people. They are another family for me.

Meg said...

I can definitely relate to what you're saying, Michele! It seems to be a normal thing. I had that happen a few months ago. It's probably part of the normal cycle of training.

Rick Matz said...

Training is like gravity. Once it gets hold of you, you may escape it for a little while, but it will always pull you back.

Have faith in yourself.

John W. Zimmer said...

No worries - Life is a balancing act. :)

Michele said...

Thanks for all the comments.

Steve: Thanks! I am glad to be back.

Hack Shaft: This summer has been especially busy. Enjoy your special class.

MAM: Starting a new session....good for you! It sounds like you have a supportive dojo community.

Meg: Thanks! It is good to be training again.

Rick: "Training is like gravity"...hopefully I am back on course. Thanks!

John: Hi John...so true.

Thanks again.