Thursday, August 27, 2009

I Feel Old Today

I feel old today.

Last night I went to the gym after teaching one karate class. Instead of my usual routine of cardio machines and weights, I did a full hour of cardio. I was watching a CNN special on Ted Kennedy and lost track of the time. My legs are killing me today. My foot hurts too.

When I came home from the gym, I watch a program on Food Network about Retro Foods. They were describing old candy and old fashioned recipes. I was familiar with many of the items. My father's Uncle owned a General Store in New Hope. The store was lined with antique farming tools, advertisements and tins. He had glass jars filled with penny candy lined up on his counter. Whenever we visited, we left the store with a small brown bag full of treats.

The Food Network program did a segment on a cool website devoted to hard-to-find food items. It is called Hometown Favorites. Do you remember the Sky Bar? It had four flavors in milk chocolate: vanilla, fudge, peanut butter and caramel. I never ate the vanilla section. I have not seen one of these bars in years. They used to be a staple in vending machines.

My personal favorite candy is the Hershey's Chocolate bar. I loved when they were packaged in the shiny silver paper with the paper Hershey's outer wrapper. Now, the bars come in a one-piece brown plastic wrapper. Do they package Hershey bars in the silver paper anymore?

Sigh...I feel old today.


Bob M said...

Hey, at work the other day, I commented that somebody kind of looked like Richard Nixon. I looked around at all the young faces and said, " know, the guy you read about in your HISTORY BOOKS."


Michele said...

Oh my! I can imagine the blank look on their faces. Good story...