Friday, October 9, 2009

A Mailbox Surprise

Work is stressful. We have finished Halloween and Christmas has just begun. It is our busiest time of the year.

Each day I to drive to the mailbox to pick up our daily mail. I work in a corporate center and their is a mail hub at one end of the complex. Our mailbox is not a very big slot. When packages are too large to fit in the slot, we will find a key to an auxiliary mailbox.

Yesterday, there was a key in the mailbox. I opened the auxiliary mailbox and looked inside. It was the strangest thing. It was not an envelope, a package or a priority mailbox. The item was brown and irregularly shaped. It looked like burlap. The item was address to me.

I peered inside the mailbox for a while.
I poked the item.
I pulled the item out of the mailbox.

One side was brown....and the other was.....

It was a the mailbox.

Check out their site


Becky said...

It must have taken a long time to get there!

Meg said...

That's a bit different!

Felicia said...

That's kinda sweet :-). Did you break it open yet?

Michele said...

It was definitely different!

No... I did not break it open. I think it was treated in some way before it was painted.