Thursday, October 29, 2009

A New Belt - Part II

I first wrote about my obi over a year ago. In May 2009, I decided to buy a new belt. My new obi has arrived but not after a long history. I never knew how hard it was to order a custom made belt. The belt has embroidery on both sides. The belt must be split open, embroidered and then closed back up. Even my engineer husband's detailed drawing indicating the placement of the name, style, patch and stripe was not enough to guarantee a correct belt.

The first belt arrived incorrect. The patch and stripe on the wrong side. The stripe was angled in the wrong direction and the manufacturer's logo was prominently displayed on the front of the belt below the name. It was simply unwearable.

At first I wondered if the new belt was not meant to be. I called the manufacturer and they immediately told me they would correct the belt. I sent back the belt marked up with corrections. After four months, three emails, two phone conversations and a photo sample, the belt was ready to ship.

I received my belt in the mail today. It is correct!

I only have one question. How long will it take to get used to?


Martial Arts Mom said...

I had a similar situation when we got my mother's ring. I had always wanted one and being an only child, wanted to have more than one child, so we waited until after my son was born to get me one. And on the way home from the hospital, we just kidding...but very soon after, we went to KMart and ordered one when they had a huge sale. They kept getting it wrong. I ordered the genuine stones because the price difference wasn't enough to worry about. Finally got the ring with the genuine stones and realized the simulated ones were MUCH prettier. Sent it back two more times trying to get that changed. Finally got the more colorful simulated stones and they break off in pieces. I'm the only one that notices though so I have kept them that way. The white gold detail has worn off and now it's just plain gold but it looks okay now. I've thought about getting a new one over the 11 years I've had it but then I just remember the story of it and what it represents and am happy with it and decide to just keep it as is...just like my family itself.

Pete said...

How's the new belt working for you? Mine looks a bit like your old one. When it was new I really had to yank on it to get it to stay in place without slipping. Now it is a nice and comfy gray belt.

Michele said...

Hi MAM: Thank you for sharing your story. Your ring sounds like it was well worth the multiple exchanges. I understand the feeling of "keeping it as is". I did not want to modify my original belt and it took me about six years to order a new one. :)

Pete: Seriously....the new belt is miserable...not nice and comfy. The knot wont stay, the ends stick out instead of down and it completely unravelled and fell on the floor during sparring. It is going to be a while before my new belt looks anything like my old one.