Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tai Chi Update

My husband picked up the phone and handed it to me. My Tai Chi instructor was on the line. He told me he did not think I would be there but he wanted me to know class was cancelled for the week. My instructor knew I worked for a company specializing in Christmas tree stands, tree drills, balers and tree lot supplies. He did not seem surprised by my absence.

I told him that I was not in class but I was not "gone". I have been part of the small class for a year. Many people have tried an intro class but so few stay.

He replied simply....I know.

I hung up the phone with a sense of relief. Returning to class next week will be no business as usual. I must admit the thought of returning to class was a little daunting. Did they think I quit? I kept wanting to call but did not get a chance...then I felt bad about not calling.

As a class instructor, I know what it is like to wonder where students have gone and if they will return. This brief phone call eliminated any hesitation about my return.

I will be back in Tai Chi class next week.


Shang lee said...

My teacher will get very annoyed if i didn't call to tell him I can't turn up for class. It is a habit for me now. :) The way he puts it is like this - if he makes all the effort of turning up at all classes, the least I could do is to let him know that I can't make it. Can't argue with that...

Michele said...

Hi Shang lee,

Thank you for your comment. I completely agree...I was wrong not to call. I usually let the instructor know the week prior if I am going to miss class. The month of November passed by and one week led to another...

Thanks again,