Tuesday, December 1, 2009

When There Is No Time To Practice

What happens when there is simply no time to practice karate?

Over the last five weeks my life has been work, work and more work. My non-work time is spent with my family. I can only list a few trips to the gym and a handful of nights in the dojo.

The company I work for does 90% of their business in the month of November. All the other months are spent preparing for this time of year. I know the change in work hours is only temporary. Yet each year I want to try to do it all....work, family, martial arts and the gym. This year I realized that trying to maintain my regular schedule would be impossible. I decided it was OK to be in the dojo less and go to the gym less. I knew my schedule was temporary. There was simply no time to practice.

Last night I was back in the dojo. To say it was good to be back on the floor training is an understatement. We worked on open hand kata, bo and kama. Over the next week, I need to catch up on housework and a few weeks of mail piling up on my desk. My regular schedule should return just in time for the holiday season.

How have you handled times when there is no time to practice?

This year I accepted it...


Rick Matz said...

When I have no time to practice, I use that "gap" as an opportunity to step back, and take a look at how and why I'm training; to consider making adjustments.

John W. Zimmer said...

Something’s gotta give... I think the hardest lesson I am learning is what is really important. When things get busy I simply throw out everything but the most important until I have time again. That way you have done all you can.

There is a lot to learning one is not a robot either. :)

Michele said...

Rick and John...

Thank you for commenting. I think making the decision to accept the training gap made it easier. In the past, I would try to do too much and end up frustrated with my inability to train or go to the gym. I will view it as an opportunity and a lesson on balance.

Thanks again,