Monday, June 28, 2010

Most Important Thing to Bring to a Martial Arts Seminar

You signed up to attend a martial arts seminar. After making the necessary arrangements (transportation, time off from work, childcare), it is time to pack your gear bag. I include the following items:

Sparring Gear (if required)
Water Bottle
Notebook and Pen
Instant Ice Pack
Band Aids
Power Bar / Granola Bar

I have forgotten items. Once I even picked up my husbands obi instead of mine. I had to make last minute stops for water or naproxen. A few times, I had to borrow weapons when I left my kama, tekkos or nunchaku at home. The items in the above list are all important but I would not consider any one the most important.

In my opinion, the most important thing to bring to a martial arts seminar…is an open mind. You need to be ready to listen to new ideas, receive the information, and recognize the possibilities. Have you ever overheard participants say, “Well, I do the technique this way”? Have you seen seminar participants practicing their way instead of trying the new technique? If participants are not willing to explore new ways of thinking, they are missing a great opportunity.

When attending a seminar, pack you gear bag with all your necessary items. However, most importantly…remember to bring an open mind.


sandman said...

LOL! I always stress out before traveling to a karate event that I'm going to forget something. Once I forgot my obi, but luckily it was a more informal event and I just worked out in my gi pants and a tshirt and there were no problems. What is naproxen? Some kind of a pain killer? I always bring tylenol or advil. Also some empty baggies that I can fill with ice for an ice pack, and if its going to require an overnight stay I bring the tiger balm, just in case...

Felicia said...

I tend to pack too much for a seminar, lol (extra gi, extra t-shirt, yadda yadda), but I always make sure I have my trusty notebook!

The folks at seminars who are steadfast in their desire to only do the shown technique they way they know it are doing two things: wasting their/the facilitator's time and wasting their money. Isn't the learning of new things/embracing new ideas the whole reason for going to a seminar in the first place?!? Why come to only do what you always do?!? Gheesh...

Sue C said...

I take gi, belt, vest top, flip flops, water, food, notebook and camera (I seem to have become my clubs official photographer!). Hopefully I also go with an open mind and an eagerness to learn something new. In two weeks I'm off to an Ian Abernethy seminar - looking forward to that.

Michele said...

Hi Sandman: Naproxen is the main ingredient in Aleve. Ever since my ACL surgery, I use naproxen because it is a NSAID. Empty baggies for ice...good idea! Thanks for commenting.

Felicia: Agreed!

SueC: A camera!! I always forget a camera. I even left it off my list. Years ago (1995), Master Odo was at our house/dojo for a picnic and I do not even have a picture! It upsets me every time I think about it. :(

Thanks for the reminder.