Monday, August 16, 2010

Back To School - Ready or Not?

In two weeks, my daughter returns to school. I look at the calendar and cannot believe how quickly this summer went. She has been busy with camp, community theater and bible school. I am not ready for the summer to end. I look forward to the crisp fall weather but not the start of school.

When I was in school, I could not wait for the new school year to begin. I loved buying school supplies, picking out a new backpack and seeing my friends. As an adult, there is still some joy when buying a brand new box of Crayola crayons.

As a parent of a 6th grade student, I am dreading the new year. Sixth grade means school dances, lockers and science fair projects. This is the year that the boys and girls start "going together" - whatever that means. She is too old for the after school program but too young to be on her own.

I am not ready...but I think she is.

I guess that is all that matters.

Are you ready? Or not?


Felicia said...

I'm sort or ready. I think. Maybe I'm not...

Sept 2 (I know - weird start date, right?!?) marks the start of my son's SENIOR YEAR. Wasn't he just in a onesie? Starting pre-school? Stressing over fourth -grade English Language Arts exams? Having trouble opening his new locker in junior high? Now he has facial hair, is driving and scheduling college visits. Sigh...

I'm so not ready for graduation pics, financial aid and scholarship forms, college applications and auditions or (gasp!) the senior prom, but I think he is. I guess that's all that counts, right?

All the best to your little lady for a fabulous school year. She's do great - and you will, too, mom :-)

Michele said...

A senior...I can only imagine how that must feel! It seems like just yesterday that I took my daughter to the bus stop for the first time.

Best to you and your son also for an excellent senior year!

Rick Matz said...

I am SO glad all of that's behind me.

Unknown said...

There's nothing quite like a bit of back-to-school stationery shopping. It's good for the soul :)

I too am looking forward to the Autumn. Absolutely my favourite season, but definitely scary to be seeing my DD going into Year 2 (I guess that's the same as 2nd grade to you guys? She's 6, almost 7). The years seem to be flying by right now.


Michele said...

Thanks for commenting!

Rick: I bet! The only problem is that you miss out on that new box of crayons. :)

Marie: I love living in an area that has all the seasons...even the snow! I hope your daughter has a great 2nd grade.

Max said...

Yeah we're ready and very excited!
My kid's very first school day, kinda scary for his mom though.

Kicker said...

Not ready. Summer always goes by so fast and I feel like we've never done everything we wanted to by the time it's over. We don't start until after Labor Day so we still have a bit left. I'm just dreading the school lists, forms and the daily routine.

So, I say not ready, but then really enjoy my freedom once the kids are in school and I have time to myself! :-)

Michele said...

Hi Kicker!

I know what you mean. I am working through the school supply list now. We are stuck on shoes and a binder. It took at least 10 minutes to pick out 12 folders.

Enjoy the rest of summer.