Friday, August 27, 2010

Interesting Comments Heard in the Dojo

In 2010, the dojo turned 15 years old. We sold our small house in the suburbs located minutes from the Honbu dojo in 1995. We purchased an abandoned bar/restaurant and converted it into our house and dojo. The style of karate we teach is traditional Okinawa Kenpo Karate and Kobudo. Over the years, we had our fair share of interesting requests, comments and inquiries. Here are a few:

From a potential student
I have been training for several years in my basement watching videos. What belt does that make me in your dojo?

From the same student taking his first introductory lesson
I learned how to stop a beating heart from a video. Can I try it on you?

Potential student answering the question "What type of martial arts are you interested in?" What I am looking for would scare most people.

From a parent
My son is being picked on in school. Can you teach him to beat up the other kids?

2:00 AM phone call. Loud music and talking in the background. It sounded like he was calling from a bar or club.
Can you teach me self-defense?

From a beginner student after dropping into a split and punching the air during a sparring match.
I saw it in a movie.

A recent request from a parent
Would you teach my 10 year old son cage fighting?

Have you heard any interesting comments you would like to share?


Journeyman said...

Your post gave me a good laugh. I'll have to run it by some of my friends in the arts. I'm sure there's lots more to add to the list.

As an aside, it must have taken quite a bit of courage to sell your place and convert another to a home and training hall. Well done.

Felicia said...

Too funny!

Nathan said...

Hilarious! And congrats on your 15th anniversary of the founding of your dojo!

sandman said...

Wow - there are some real doozies out there, aren't there? Funny post!

The Barefoot Lawyer said...

"Do you guys have weight classes for sparring?"

Michele said...

Thanks for commenting!