Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Blog in Review

Happy New Year! It is time for my annual blog review.

The most important thing I want to accomplish in this post is to convey my genuine thanks to all the Readers and Followers of this blog. I appreciate your comments, questions and emails.

Now for facts....

Top Pages
Fast Track to Black Belt - 863
Tuesday Tip: Quadricep / Hamstring Strength Ratio - 831
What Is That Sound? - 664
Managing a Break in Your Martial Arts Training - 533
Review: Please Stop Laughing At Me - 453

Posts With The Most Comments
Religious Objections In the Dojo - 22
Women and Martial Arts - 17
Blog Keeping/One Word - 14
Get Uncomfortable - 14
Shadow's Story - 14
First Self Defense Class - 14

Top Key Words
Knee Noise
Please Stop Laughing At Me
Julia Marasco
In the Kitchen with Bob
Functional Braces

It would not be a proper review without listing the variety of knee noise queries...knee noise, noise in knee, crunching sound, bending sound, crispy noise, click sound, popping sound, crackling noise, shredding sound, squeaky noise, funny noise, cracking, bubbling sound, rice crispy knee, squishy sound, squelching noise and crunching paper sound. This blog began as a knee blog and I am glad people are still finding my site looking to read my ACL recovery story.

This blog has seen an increase in traffic for 2010. Thank you to all the regular readers and new visitors. This blog has held steady at 49 Followers over the last month. I was hoping to hit 50 by the end of the year... :)

Site Visits - +2279
Page Views - +6205
Unique Viewers - +2119

My personal favorite post this year was the one I wrote about my Dad and the 82nd Airborne Division.

Thank You For Serving
82nd Airborne Photos
82nd Airborne Photos II

Thanks again for reading!

Happy New Year!


SueC said...

Always a pleasure to read your blog Michele. Here's to a great 2011!

Michele said...

Thanks Sue!