Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Back To The Gym

The last two months have been extremely busy.  In fact, the word overscheduled comes to mind when I think back over the past weeks.  I need to learn how to say "No" and do a better job managing my time.

Whenever I am busy, the first thing that suffers is my time at the gym.  I don't feel like driving 15 minutes to and from the gym.  I tell myself that I will workout at home and save the commute time.  It never works out.  I get involved with other things and the next time I look at the clock...it is midnight.

I need to get back to the gym.

From the Self Magazine article "How Long Does it Take to Fall Out of Shape?":
After two weeks off . . .
"We will probably start to see a decline in general fitness levels," says Rasmussen. "These can occur at different rates in the muscular and cardiovascular systems." At this point, it's probably safe to jump back in at the same intensity you were cranking at before the hiatus.

After more than two weeks off...
"The longer that is taken off, the more you need to scale back," says Rasmussen. "I would recommend scaling volume and intensity back a bit, but you do not have to start back at square one." The good news: Assuming you had a solid foundation already in place, "you will regain fitness levels back at a faster rate than someone who has never had them in the first place." Phew.
I have maintained my karate schedule over the last two months but I have not worked cardio or weight training.  I can feel the difference in my fitness level.  In fact, my right knee tells me after every karate practice.  My ACL reconstructed knee has been feeling weak and a bit loose.   I joined the gym 4 years ago because of my commitment to keep my knee healthy and strong.

I need to get back to the gym!


Berks Conservancy said...
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Charleyhorse said...

Motivation is always one of my great problems. But I have no doubt that you'll soon get a handle on this. Best of good health to you.

Michele said...

Hi Charleyhorse! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.