Saturday, April 23, 2011

Benefits of Being a Martial Arts Practitioner While Raising a Teenage Daughter daughter is not a teenager yet.  She thinks she is a teenager despite the fact she only turns twelve next week.   Outings at the mall with friends and talking about boys are on the top of her priority list. 

Just for fun.

Benefits of  Being a Martial Arts Practitioner While Raising a Teenage Daughter

1.  All prospective dates will enter the house through the dojo while class is in progress.
2.  If no class is in progress, it would be a great time to clean the sword collection.
3.  Introduce prospective boyfriends to ALL our karate friends. 
4.  Suggest the location of the first date be a self-defense class.
5.  Make sure to volunteer him as the Uke.

Suggestions are welcome!  :)


Nathan at TDA Training said...

Great idea.
My wife told me about her dad always needing to clean his guns when the boys would come to pick her up, and that he never said a word to them.
I think your theories will be pretty effective.

Michele said...

Ha ha...good idea. Maybe the Smith & Wesson will need to be cleaned too. :)

Rick said...

I drilled to things into my girls heads from the time they were old enough to understand language:

Rule 1) No injuries (sports, you know).

Rule 2) Boys are stupid. There is never a shortage of examples of boys (under the age of 90 or so) doing stupid things, especially when they are around girls.

Michele said...

Great rules Rick!

When my daughter asks why boys act the way they do, rule number 2 sums it up quite nicely. :)

I hope you had a nice Easter.

Rick said...

A very nice Easter, thanks.

Often repeated over the years:

One of them: "why did ..."
Me: "What's rule #2?"
One of them: "oh yeah."