Sunday, May 15, 2011

ACL Reconstruction - Four Years

May 15th is the anniversary date of my ACL surgery.  I almost forgot about writing my anniversary post! I remembered yesterday when I saw a person walking around the grocery store with an ACL brace.

Four years....

For the most knee is good.  I have resumed all pre-surgery activities and have full ROM.  This past year has been exceptionally busy with work and family.  I  put my gym membership on hold for a few months due to work responsibilities.  I have resumed my membership but my time at the gym is sporadic.  I joined the gym 4 years ago with the sole purpose of keeping my knee strong. 

I notice the difference.  After a long karate class, my knee feels tired and sore. I am hesitating with certain movements in kata such as the jump in Chinto and the pivoting in Tekkos.

My plan for the next year is to rededicate my efforts to keep my knee strong.  I will go to the gym regularly.  If I cannot get to the gym, I must remember to do leg strengthening exercises at home (similar to my original PT protocol). 

There is still one spot on my knee where the nerves don't seem aligned.  If I rub the inside of my knee, I feel prickling on the outside of my knee.  I don't think this will ever go away.
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Thank you to all the readers of this blog. If anyone finds this blog and wants to share their ACL story as a guest post, please contact me. If you have a blog about ACL surgery and recovery and would like me to add it to my blogroll, feel free to post a comment or email.

If you find this post because you have an ACL of luck on your recovery!


Anonymous said...
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Guilherme R. Fauque said...

Hello Michelle

Thank you for visiting my blog. I don't know Okinawa kenpo... Who is the founder?

Yamabushi said...

Congrats on your anniversary for healing and pushing your martial arts this far! Here's to many more such anniversaries!

Nathan at TDA Training said...

Glad to hear that it's doing well, despite not doing supplemental work. I hope you get back if it was helping. Take care!

Charleyhorse said...

It's wonderful that you are healthy and moving forward with your training activities.

Michele said...

Thanks everyone for the kind words!

Guilherme: The founder of Okinawa Kenpo was Master Shigeru Nakamura.

Anonymous said...

An ACL reconstructive surgery is a must. All podiatrists will recommend it after an ACL tear.