Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Date For Me To Remember

It is one year since my ACL reconstruction. As I look back at this year of rehabilitation and recovery, I can only be grateful. I am thankful that my knee is strong and stable. I am thankful that I am teaching and training. I am grateful to my friends and family for their support. I appreciate the words of encouragement from fellow ACL bloggers.

It has been a long road but well worth it. When I set out on the ACL journey, I knew that I wanted to be a success story. I tried to approach surgery and recovery with a positive outlook. There have been low moments but I was able to navigate through the rough spots. The year mark has been a major goal for me. I know that exercising to keep my knee healthy and strong will be a part of my everyday life.

We will be sparring in class tonight to celebrate!

For all those on an ACL recovery journey, I wish you good luck and a speedy recovery.


Davidx said...

I am just over a week from my ACL surgery; it's great to read about other martial artists who have been able to go back to what they love after their ACL tear. Sitting here at a little over a week since surgery, I'm still looking forward to getting full flex and extension, walking and reduced discomfort. The dojo seems an unimaginable distance away.

Anonymous said...

I sounds to me like that martial arts stuff is a recipe for many medical problems.

Anonymous said...

I suppose 'Happy Anniversary' isn't totally appropriate, but it is a great day to celebrate how far you've come and maybe show 'em who's still boss on the sparring floor :-)

Keep it up!

Hack Shaft said...

Congrats on your one-year mark! I'm hoping to return to the dojo in 2 weeks, whatever form it takes.

Anonymous said...

So, how did the anniversarial sparring go?

Michele said...

David: I am sorry to hear about your ACL tear. This surgery and recovery can be overwhelming at times. I tried to stay focused on the end result...a strong, stable knee and my return to karate. You are already on the path back to the dojo.

Anonymous: I think that you could say the same thing about many activities...even fishing.

BBBlues: Thank you. On Thursday, a few students were preparing for a kids tournament. So, I spent most of the class working with them on their tournament material. At the end of class, there was time for me to spar a little. I am heading to the Federation Honbu this morning for a BB workout. Maybe I will take my sparring gear.

Hack Shaft: Two weeks ... way to go!

Davidx said...

Thank you Michele. I should congratulate you on your one year mark. I am very encouraged by your return to activities you like. I look forward to returning to the dojo; It was the best stress relief I ever found. I only started six years ago. I'll get back to it. I really like the idea of a vocation.

Flowergirl said...

Hi Davidx. I just had surgery 9 days ago to reconstruct my ACL. I have been in karate for 6 years and miss it now. I see you had surgery about one month before I did and I was wondering how it's going for you now. I'd love to hear from you regarding your experiences if you'd like to share. I wish you luck on the trek to healing. Staying positive has been crucial for me. Please feel free to email me. Thanks Davidx and may a solid and speedy recovery come your way!