Monday, July 11, 2011

Refueling My Karate Spirit

This past weekend I attended the 27th IKKF Annual Training. The instructors included Hanshi C. Bruce Heilman, Kyoshi Ann-Marie Heilman, Hanshi Miguel Ibarra, Hanshi Jody Paul, Kyoshi Bill Hayes, Kyoshi Nancy Caliguri, Kyoshi Carla Molinaro and OKKKU Directors Hanshi Larry Isaac, Hanshi Victor Coffin, Hanshi Al Louis and Kyoshi George Epps.

The opportunity and wealth of information was endless. I was fortunate to attend sessions taught by seven of the guest instructors. The final hour of the event was a Question & Answer session. In each of the sessions, instructors shared their experiences and offered encouragement. I left the training knowing I witnessed/participated in a historic event.

Topics and teaching styles varied but there was a common theme which resonated through the sessions.

Karate is a Gift.

I would consider the past year a bumpy road along my martial arts journey. Regular readers may have noticed a reduction in the number of karate related blog posts. There are many posts in my draft folder with too somber a tone to publish. It was a year of questioning, doubt and searching.

It is time to put the bumpy year behind me.

Thank you to my instructors Hanshi C. Bruce Heilman and Kyoshi Ann-Marie Heilman for this training opportunity.

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caterina said...

Hi, Michelle. Thanks for this post. Naturally, it's up to you what you choose to publish on your blog. But sometimes it can be helpful to know that other people have "somber" moments too.

I commonly wonder if I should keep studying karate, having started five years ago at the age of 39. One of the women who started with me stopped after our first belt promotion because she felt she couldn't give the art the time it deserves. Neither can I!

So far, I keep coming back to two reasons not to quit. One is that I would just plain miss going to class. The other is that however little I manage to learn, it's more than I knew before. Several of our instructors like to quote Teddy Roosevelt's "Man In the Arena" speech and I like it, too. My favorite line: "There is no effort without error and shortcoming." Thanks again.

SueC said...

So glad you've found some new enthusiasm, it sounds like a great seminar. Caterina is right, it's okay to write about the sombre moments too - it may help others going through a similar patch.

jc said...

it's all about cycles...