Monday, July 6, 2009

A Bat in the Attic

My house sustained some wind damage that pulled off pieces of siding and trim. A contractor has been working on the house and came across a few bats that made a cozy home in the wood trim. We set up one way netting so the bats would go out but not come back in.

One bat found its way inside the attic. I opened the door to the attic and walked up two steps. A bat swooped by my head. I went back downstairs and closed the door. I was hoping the bat would find his way out.

A few days later, I was feeling brave and went back into the attic. I was not going to let a little bat stop me. I stepped slowly up the stairs and turned to look at the back wall of the stairwell. I heard a squeak and saw movement in a small crevice of the wood.

The bat was still there and it was looking right at me!

Quickly down the stairs...close the attic door...straight to the computer. I researched how to get rid of bats in the house. It looks like we will be sealing up all potential entrances. I am not going to attempt to catch the bat in a net like the article suggests. Here is another good piece of advice from the article:

If bats are roosting outside of your house in a place you'd rather they didn't, then a can of dog/cat repellent is a good thing to pick up. Wait to apply the repellent to the area until all of the bats are out feeding, and spray all of the immediate surfaces generously. Whatever you do, don't spray the bats directly with the repellent. You're better off attending the Running of the Bulls wearing nothing but red--and that should be left to very macho but very stupid young Spaniards.

This is not our first encounter with bats.

When we bought our house in 1995, it had wood siding. We live near a lake and farmland. The bats called our house home before we did. There was a piece or two of wood siding that was pulled away from the wall. Since the building was abandoned for a few years before we bought it, the bats had perfect home. The bats were not inside our home but we did want them to move out. We spoke to a bat expert and were told that we had a bat colony living on our property. Not just one bat...a colony of females and baby bats. The colony was never left unattended so half the population stayed in while the other half went out. We had the bats safely removed by experts. The bats were not harmed.

House before siding

We had our home covered in vinyl siding and the bats did not return. Friends gave us bat houses instead of bird houses.

In all honesty...I do not have a problem with bats...when they are outside. My daughter wants the bat to be rescued and returned to nature. My husband may have mentioned something in passing about Smith & Wesson.

I just want the bat OUT of my attic.

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Narda said...

We've had bats get into our hall once or twice, and I've found this to be a good way to induce them to fly out.

They tend to fly up, and get trapped in the high points of a room/building.

Prop open door or closest/largest window nearest the bat. Stand just outside of the door/window...and clap your hands. The resonance basically 'shows' them the way out.

Meg said...

You're braver than I am! I would running back out, screaming if I saw a bat in my house!

I hope you're able to escort said bat out of your house quickly!!

Anonymous said...

Before ten years, for many nights we were listening strange sounds in the walls of our room and we were wondering what it could be until that day when a bat entered in the room, right on my wife hair. You can imagine what a shock it was for her. Likely, the bat moved on the bad immediately. I hit a shirt on it and succeeded to shake him out, through the window.
We had watched bats flying around our building at night, but they had never entered in the room, except than before 10 years. Probably, they are not many.
We live in an old building on the last floor and probably a few bats lives in a small hole above the window. By the way, I like your house, the dojo and the whole ambient around. Unfortunately, I can’t fit my old house to move in it and we must live in a single room in this old building. You can read more about it in my posts: too hard for my age from 12.06.2009, dreams covered with mould from 10.06.2009 and the morning harmony from 04.06.2009

Michele said...

Narda: That is a great idea...I will have to remember your suggestion. Thanks!

Meg: Thanks!

Sensei: In your wife's hair! Oh no! I would not have liked that at all. It was a good that you were able to get the bat out of the room. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your bat story and the links to your posts.

Selena Slough said...

That little piece of advice you’ve found might be very helpful. Did you try that trick? I hope that advice had helped you get rid of those bats. If you want to totally keep them away from your house, you must seal every possible entryway.