Friday, January 25, 2008

Pushing My Knee

Lately I have been too focused on what my knee is unable to do. I decided it was time to push my knee to find out what I am capable of doing.

This week in karate class, I spent time on my movement. Classes were high energy and more physically demanding. We ran through kata at a brisk pace and it felt good. I am able to pivot and transition much better. I find it difficult to hold positions such as a cat stance where my right leg is slightly bent. I have been working hard on my step but I still do not see any major improvement.

I have also been working on bounding. I am able to do jumping jacks, jog, hop and skip. My daughter likes to join in on these activities so we are jumping and hopping around the house and dojo. I have assembled a small exercise trampoline in the garage and I try to jump each day. These are the exercises that I fell behind on due to a hectic work schedule last fall.

Last night I may have pushed my knee too far because it is a little sore today. We have many kata that drop down on one knee, stand up and step forward in seisan. I finally have enough strength to stand up from this position ...slowly. I think I practiced this skill a few too many times.

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Hack Shaft said...

Just keep on icing that knee, the global caveat of all people recovering from ACL reconstruction.

Ice it after any exercise, even if it isn't sore or swollen.