Thursday, January 3, 2008

Sparring - Again

I want to spar more.

This is a shocking statement coming from me. When I was a green belt I used to conveniently forget my sparring gear in the car. After I would gear up, I tried to blend into the background. This would only last for a few minutes and inevitably I would get called to a ring. Once I was out on the floor I was fine and even enjoyed the class.

We fought again in class tonight. My movement felt better - slow but better. We started class with a high energy movement drill that prepared us for free sparring. I always was more of a counter-fighter than an offensive fighter. I still favor left foot forward leaving my new ACL in the back. There was one fight where I fought right foot forward (new ACL) the entire time. The interesting thing that I noticed was when my right foot was forward I was closer to my opponent. It was suggested that I may be moving closer because I feel I need to use my hands instead of my feet. I also decided that conservation of movement was key. I am not able to change direction or move too quickly. I need to make my techniques count and I need to focus on angular movement.

Who would have thought that it would take ACL reconstruction to give me a renewed appreciation of sparring?


BobSpar said...

Bravo on using ACL reconstruction to re-inspire you!

Colin Wee said...

Michele - thanks for your post re: tekki on my blog. I've put a link to your sparring posts in one of my own sparring posts.

Check out Beginner Sparring Problems Part One. I think your experience is directly related to all other beginners as they get introduced to sparring! Hope your ACL heals fast.

Michele said...


Thank you for your comments.

My knee feels great. I will definitely check out your sparring posts!