Sunday, May 17, 2009

Gone Fishing

I never thought that I would have a post titled "Gone Fishing". Well, it is true. This weekend my daughter and I met my brother at a Fishing Rodeo. He is a member of the local Fly Fisherman group and was part of a fly tying demonstration. My Dad and I watched while they went fishing.

The fish.

After speaking to my brothers fly tying fishing buddies, I found out there is more to fishing than I realized. Catching a fish is not always the primary objective. I was told that sometimes the gear is never taken out of the trunk. It is about being outside, good conversation, good food and getting away for a few hours.

Sounds nice.


Father said...

Now you understand

Michele said...

Brother(Father): and the whole tick thing...may have completely ruined my fishing experience. :(

zoran said...

Maybe it is about being besides the water and to experience the harmony between the nature and the dearest people.

Littlefair said...

To be honest I think martial arts are a bit like that too. In fact, since I've been doing martial arts I can more appreciate activities which seem to have a very involved process but with seemingly very little to show. Intricate rituals along with mastering technique is important and you know what, no fish... no bother. You've spent a day absorbed by something that you're doing in detail and potentially setting the world to rights whilst doing it.

I guess it's all about the process.

But sometimes the trout.
Mmmm, trout!

Michele said...

Zoran: Thanks for commenting. It was a nice day to be outside.

Littlefair: Nice martial arts connection...thanks.

I think you and my brother are on the same page..."It all about the process".