Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer is Supposed to be Relaxing…Right?

I could not wait until school let out. I imagined free evenings with no homework or after school activities. I thought I would have more time and less stress.

I must have been dreaming…

My daughter loves summer camp. She wants to go full time (M-F 8:15-5:15). I guess I should not have been worried. The original plan was for her to go to camp three days per week and her Nana’s house two days per week. Camp is full of activities, field trips, swimming and many kids. I am happy that she loves camp but the extra two days require more money and more driving.

In addition to camp, my daughter will be rehearsing for a play for the next five weeks. There were over fifty kids who auditioned and only twenty-five speaking parts. She was in the play for the last three summers but was not sure if she wanted to participate this year. She auditioned and was excited when she found out that she got a small speaking role. The rehearsals are Monday - Thursday from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm. The rehearsals during the last week are every day and last until at least 10:00 pm. Parents are required to volunteer and help with ticket sales, set construction (9 different scenes), raffle items and advertising.

I spend a lot of time in a car. Driving back and forth to camp, to work and to play practice. I did not even mention my full time job, dojo responsibilities, tai chi, the gym, annual karate seminar or housework. I have a few vacation days scheduled near the Fourth of July. During that time, I will be helping replace a roof on the garage. We have a detached three-car garage with office. It is a big roof but not too steep. I helped replace the roof on our house. The best part about this project is that we are getting a dumpster. It will be a great opportunity to clean out the house and throw things away.

Tonight at play practice, the parents will begin construction on a shark skeleton made out of wire, pool noodles and paper mache.

I am tired already.


Father said...

That's life. Wait until she gets older!

Michele said...

I know...