Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Before Pictures

In my previous post, I talk about the beginning of the dojo. I found some old pictures of the house/dojo before renovation. There is a large sign on top of the house roof that needed to be removed. It was bright yellow with the name of the restaurant.

Front of the dojo

Back of the dojo that leads out to a yard.

Front of the dojo. Take note of the "come in we are open" sign on the door. The debris in front of the dojo is the tin roof that had to be removed and replaced.

Inside the dojo. Don't you just love the carpet? :) We had to rip down the drop ceiling to make room to practice kobudo. You can still see part of the dance floor near the back.


Sue C said...

What a large building! I can see how you can accomodate a dojo as well as a home. But what a lot of work! I'm surprised you did it as quickly as you did. Can't wait to see the after photos.

child in bloom said...

whoa those pictures take me back..crazy how far its come...

im updating tonight, talk to you soon!