Saturday, March 20, 2010

When What You Say Is Not What They Hear

Have you seen the confusion....a puzzled grin, a sideways glance or a look of shock? This was a tough week for me. It is allergy time. My throat is scratchy, my nose is sore and my ears are itchy. I sound much worse than I feel.

Sometimes what is said in not what the students hear. A few examples:

We were working on kama. In one sequence, the kama crosses in front of you in a gathering motion. Imagine a fishing net being cast over you. You gather the net together, turn the kama blade side out and cut through the net. I was explaining the kata pattern one move at a time. We reached the point in the kata when we were gathering the net. I said "cut the net". One student looked at me with a horrified expression each time I said net. She later explained that she thought I was saying "cut the neck" and did not appreciate the visual.

A green belt student asked if we could review a "breathing" kata. The new student looked worried. We began the kata Sanchin and we focused on our breathing. At the end of the kata the new student was relieved. She explained that she thought the green belt wanted to practice a "breeding" kata.

A young white belt was working on kata and kicks. He wanted to see a roundhouse, a hook kick and a crescent kick. After we practiced Nai Hanchi Shodan a few times, I asked him if he would like to try an "ax kick". He was so excited. He ran over to me and was jumping up and down. He could barely contain his enthusiasm. He asked me "What kind of kick is an Ass Kick?" It was my turn to have the look of shock. "No......I said A-X kick." He was very disappointed.


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Hack Shaft said...

Hehe, I've heard of a Mule kick, a Donkey kick, but never their vulgar cousin, the Ass kick!!!

Michele said...

Hack Shaft: Very funny... :)

How are you? I hope your knee is healing quickly.