Monday, May 12, 2008

It Was Not Meant To Be

My two-day camping adventure ended up to be six hours. At 10:00 on Friday night, I called my husband to tell him we were on our way home. The reason was simple … my daughter got sick. It rained all day on Friday and it was cold and damp. I could tell she was starting to feel sick around 8:00 on Friday. She was lying around while the other girls were working on crafts or playing. She started coughing and felt warm to me. I made the decision to leave and by the time we got home, her temperature was 101 degrees. She has asthma so I am extra cautious. She did not go to school today and she has an appointment to see her doctor tonight.

The Girl Scouts are a fantastic organization and the individuals who were involved in this outing were great. However, I must admit, I did not like camping in a group at all. I am not giving up on camping but I think this will be my final attempt at camping with a group. I want to go tent camping again with my brother and sister. We went once before and had a great time. To this day, my daughter rates the omelet my brother made during our camping trip the best one she has ever eaten.

I stopped by my parent’s house early Saturday morning to tell them the tale. After hearing about my camping adventures, my dad looked at me and said, “Well, two out of three is not bad”. I knew exactly what he meant. He was referring to his two outdoorsy children as compared to his karate daughter. I said, “Wait a minute, I did not say that I did not like camping or the outdoors. I just did not like camping with a group.” I am not afraid of the woods, campfires, snakes, or bugs. I think it was the arts and crafts and the singing that did me in.

It just was not meant to be.

A special thank you to my brother for lending me camping gear and giving me a waterproof jacket.


Anonymous said...

What's wrong with singing around a campfire? Haven't you ever sung Kum by ya?

Anonymous said...

I think anonymous is trying to start something.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean I am trying to start something?? Shouldn't you be working?

Michele said...

Anonymous #2: I think you are right about Anonymous #1.